Matching 207 homebound people in need with 2634 volunteers around the world

In your neighborhood, there are many people who for various reasons are homebound and cannot run errands due to their vulnerability to the coronavirus. This site is a simple service that helps match volunteers to people in their neighborhood who need help with errands. It works anywhere in the world where we can identify your location

You can register as someone who needs help, or someone who can help. We ask for your general location (city, zip/postcode) for matching purposes only. No personal information will be shown on this site, and once a pair is matched via email, the person in need can be more specific about their needs and location.

For everyone's safety and protection, there should be no personal contact and no exchange of money.

You need something? Just ask. You want to help? Just do it. We're counting on all of you trusting each other.

If you are trying to arrange help for a loved one far away, register on their behalf and enter their location, not yours.

If you don't feel comfortable having people you do not know assist you, even without contact, do not use this service and instead seek help with family & friends. This was designed to help those with no other options.

There are 57 pending requests for help around the world

How Next Door Helper works

Person in need registers and posts a request for help
Person who wants to help sees request nearby and offers to help
Email is sent to person who needs help, they can accept, decline, or withdraw request
Person who wants to help is put in direct contact with person in need, information is traded to run errand
Person in need has errand run with NO CONTACT and NO MONEY TRADED
Both parties declare errand complete and each rates the experience

This is a project that I built with my son in the wake of the pandemic. I don't want any financial support but welcome additional programming help. Please contact us if you have any ideas to make this better and safer.